Can We Talk Here?

Do people in your organization tell the truth?

No, I’m not accusing your coworkers of being sociopaths or psychopaths. Whether the accrual that helped make your quarter was justified is your business.

But, do your co-workers know what you think of them? Do they tell you what they think of you? Of management’s decisions? Of how priorities are set? Of whether the project is going well?

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Changing Your Expectations – IT Should Work

Sales people that don’t meet their quotas don’t hang around long.

Finance people that can’t meet an audit are often looking for other sources of employment.

Factories that produce poor quality products find their orders drying up.

Pretty straight forward.

But in many, many companies and organizations, folks accept that “technology is hard” and that “things break.” When upgrades take systems down for days, or reports only work most of the time, people shrug their shoulders and accept “that’s just the way it is,” because “technology is hard.”

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Moving IT Folks to Management – A Recurring Challenge

As I relaunch this blog, I’m caught between trying to work out some big ideas while making points that fit within a blog post.

This post will have a very quick introduction to some important basics that I want to cover; then, I’ll move into a detailed discussion of one particular challenge I’ve helped with – that of improving the performance of IT managers.

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