Jet Reports – What NAV Server Am I Using?

A client recently asked me: “When I run a report, how can I know which server/company I’m using?”

It’s a good question — and one that others may have.

Below, I’ll walk you through the answer.

And because pretty colors impress most folks, I’ve even made it match the colors that show up in NAV.

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Creating a Summary/Detail Report for Jet Reports and Dynamics NAV

One weakness of NAV Account Schedules is its inability to specify a range of accounts (or a totaling account) and then give details on the fly.

Unfortunately, when my client went to their first Jet consultant with this issue (thinking that Jet Reports could do better), they got the same answer. If you want to see detail, the consultant said, you have to enter EVERY account you want to see. (Which is something of a maintenance nightmare.) Further, it just isn’t true. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to do it.

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Jet Reports vs SSRS for Dynamics NAV

For the past few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time creating reports with both Jet Reports and SSRS, mostly with Dynamics NAV and a little with Dynamics GP. If you’re a NAV customer, you have some version of Jet included with your purchase. Like all folks with SQL server databases, Dynamics folks use SQL Server and therefore have access to SSRS.

So which is better? Or rather, what works best in any given situation?

In considering this question, let’s focus neither on regular reporting (sales order, inventory, etc.) nor financial reporting. Jet is clearly better suited for financial reports than SSRS. And if Jet runs out of steam, you’re often better off finding another financially oriented tool rather than going to SSRS.

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Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV—Using Accounting Periods Instead of Dates

It’s pretty easy to get basic financial statements out of Jet Reports. And to help even further, Jet has many videos available that explain its terminology and functions to new users. But sometimes, you just want to solve a particular reporting challenge without digging into all the details.

Therefore, I’m putting together a series of posts with a few simple tips that make Jet Reports easier to work with.

So far, I’m planning to write these posts:

  • How to deal with 4-4-5 calendars
  • Sign reversal and totaling
  • Creating one report to show summary and detail.
  • Totaling accounts and Jet (or how to compensate for a poorly organized chart of accounts).

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