Many folks claim Jet Reporting expertise but don’t fully understand how it works with regard to complex accounting.

Clients choose us because we combine the three key benefits important to them: financial expertise, sustainability, and reporting speed.

The benefits of working with us

Finance Expertise

It’s necessary but not sufficient to understand the Jet Reporting tools. We know complex accounting. From multi-currency and consolidation to revenue recognition and royalty accounting, we’ve done it all. So, you don’t need to teach us accounting, just the reports you need.


Lots of folks can get a report done. But will that report last when you change your chart, add a new division, or reorganize your company? We know how to configure NAV/Business Central so that your reports not only work today, but can work into the future.

Reporting Speed

Jet Reports are easy to build, but not always easy to run. As you and your data grow, what took 20 seconds may now take 20 minutes. We can help improve performance. And talk about other options (including Jet Enterprise or SSRS) when your reports can’t be handled by an Excel add-in.