It’s rare that any kind of HR Software makes the news.   But it happened this week.  As you may have read, Southwest was responsible for the vast majority of flight cancellations after the historical pre-Christmas storm.  In the wake of the Southwest Airlines meltdown, turns out that old software is a major cause of the problem. As reported by CNN:

“On a call with employees Tuesday, Southwest Chief Operating Officer Andrew Watterson explained that the company’s outdated scheduling software quickly became the main culprit of the cancellations once the storm cleared, according to a transcript of the call that was obtained by CNN from an aviation source.”

And further:

“The process of matching up those crew members with the aircraft could not be handled by our technology,” Watterson said.

Does your company rely on software that only kinda/sorta works?  When skies are clear and when Dave in payroll and Jane in IT perform their special “year-end close dance”? Does management demand an ROI for any investment in new systems?   Because, after all, the special year end dance continues to work so why waste money.

You might want to save the story and the link.  Because you never know when a system that only kinda/sorta works will stop.   And you won’t be worrying about ROI when that happens.

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