The term “mid-market” is rather vague. We know GM isn’t mid-market. And we know the local corner pizza store isn’t either. But everything in between is a bit muddy.

At Red Three, we work primarily with mid-market companies. But what do we mean by that? While we often set a revenue range of between 50 and 500 million, other parameters provide a better indication of whether we’re a good fit for your company.

We’re a Good Fit for Your BI Project When…

1. You have multiple systems

We excel at working with back office data sets—even if multiple systems are involved. That’s what really sets us apart from competitors.

If your organization is entirely focused on one system, such as Dynamics GP, Lawson or Oracle EBS, you’ll do better choosing a consultant that focuses entirely on that system.

2. You have complex business or accounting requirements

If you’re an international organization, or have royalty, proforma or other complex accounting issues, then we’re probably a good fit. We shine most when we bring our knowledge of complex accounting to your complicated challenges.

We’re Too Small for You When…

1. You have huge databases

We’re used to dealing with data sets that range from around 200,000 to 30 million records. This covers a large swath of mid-range ERP, financial and payroll data. For example, we’ve handled:

  • Payroll reporting for up to 10,000 employees
  • Financial reporting for companies with 5,000,000 GL transactions per year
  • Supply chain interfaces with up to 10,000 transactions per day.

But if you’re tracking millions of transactions a day or week, we’re probably not the folks for you.

2. You have more than 50 users on one project

We work best when user communities number in the range of two to 50. This means we can handle most mid-sized projects as well as departmental projects for larger organizations. (We’ve even run projects internationally.)

But, if you need a consultant that can deal with hundreds of users across dozens of offices, we’re not the one for you.

We’re Too Big for You When…

1. You don’t have a test system

Test systems are critical to our process. Sorry, but we won’t touch your production system without running our changes in a test system first.

2. You’re happy with Access and Excel

There’s nothing wrong with Access and Excel if they’re working well for you. But that’s not an area where we can prove our worth.

Still wondering if we might be a good fit? Contact us to find out.


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