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Adam is founder and president of Red Three Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience in ERP consulting and BI consulting. Adam has particular expertise in complex accounting and other multi-company and international reporting challenges. Prior to founding Red Three, Adam was a partner in United Systems Consultants where he ran its 30-person Lawson software practice. Outside of work, he serves as board member and treasurer of the Riverdale Y. When not working, he spends his time answering his son’s political questions and cycling, swimming and reading.

Rick Jennings

Rick is a long-time consultant with experience on multiple platforms and in many languages. He’s a talented software engineer with good communication skills and expertise in managing projects and people. Over the years, he’s worked on multiple ERP systems, including Oracle and Lawson, at both large and medium-sized companies. He specializes in financial, procurement, distribution and reporting systems. He’s a graduate of Brooklyn College, lives in Westchester and loves to golf.


“Adam is very good at distilling what you really need versus what you think you want. He’s always asking, “Why do you want that?” and “What will you do with it?” to develop solutions that actually get you what you need.”

— Michael Goldsmith, VP Strategic Information & Business Intelligence, Services for the UnderServed

“Adam has the rare ability to operate effectively in both the technical and end-user worlds. Not only does he have a deep understanding of data analytics and IT, he can also translate this understanding for end-users.”

— Alyssa Tosi, Chief Operating and Compliance Officer, Collaborative for Children and Families

“A high percentage of IT projects are never successfully implemented for all kinds of reasons. But when we bring Adam into a project, I know that it’s going to get done.”

— Michael Kurtz, Chief Financial Officer, New York Foundling Hospital

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