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We have extensive experience with all manner of integrations, including Rest APIs, UKG Pro reports as a service, Dimensions Integrations, and Google BiqQuery .  If we haven’t solved your exact problem, we’ve most likely seen something like it.

We believe in using standard tools (like PowerShell).  Our database experience has focused on SQL Server but we also have experience with Oracle and Postgres.


So, you have the data.  Is it ready for your report writers and users to work with it?

Or you don’t quite understand why your data isn’t working right.  We have the financial and data analysis skills to get you the answers you need.

Reporting Support

We started our data journey creating reports.   But, getting color, column and custom calculation correct can be costly.  So, it’s generally we support your reporting process rather than build your reports.  We can help you design datamarts, troubleshoot problems, and provide training. And if you are looking for some contracted help on a time and materials basis, we can help out.  But we always try to help you learn as much as possible.

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