Let’s face it. SSRS is no longer a “cool” tool. Microsoft wants you on PowerBI and your marketing folks probably bought Tableau and didn’t tell you.

But sometimes, you need detailed reports to run your business, not just fancy charts and graphs. As a NAV customer, you already own SQL Server and therefore SSRS. When your Jet Reports are just too slow, SSRS allows us to leverage the power of SQL to turn 3.5 hours of Excel agony to 20 seconds of reporting joy.

What’s better is that SSRS can report over ALL your SQL Server data, not just what’s in NAV, and we can dump it all to Excel.

The benefits of working with us

With our knowledge of SQL Server, what we build behind the scenes can be reused when you move to another tool.

And, since Microsoft knows that not everything can be expressed in a five-color chart, you can even move your SSRS reports to PowerBI if you choose to go in that direction.

Tips and tricks for using SSRS

In the following posts, you’ll find the tips we use on a day-to-day basis. Be sure to check our blog, too, for the full library. If you still need help, request a consult.

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