Hi. I’m Adam Jacobson, a data consultant/data architect.

I help CEOs, CFOs and other executives of mid-sized businesses fix their data problems. I like mid-sized businesses because the challenges are big enough to justify the consulting expense and the bureaucracy is small enough that things get done.

Since no one can know everything, we focus on Microsoft-based technologies, starting with SQL Server. At the same time, I strongly believe that most data problems are people problems — which is why we need executive sponsorship to succeed. Because executives understand that picking the perfect software is useless if people won’t work together.

Please read the blog and reach out if you’d like to talk more.

The benefits of working with Red Three:


Jet Report, SSRS, or just better SQL? From distributing sales data to your entire staff to complex financial statements, we can help.


Trying to navigate the database? Need to give your team a jump-start on how to work with the data? We can show you how.


If NAV isn’t your only system, our in-depth knowledge of SQL Server, PowerShell and other Microsoft Data platform tools can help you bring all your data together.


Queries running slow? Server not performing? We can review your SQL Server and queries to help you get the performance you need.


Do you have other systems where the only way you can get data is by running reports? Our automation abilities can help you escape Excel hell.

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