In California if a person doesn’t take a break after five hours, they receive extra pay. Unless they attest that it was their choice to skip the meal. A similar rule applies for rest breaks.

UKG has standard functionality to handle this but it’s not straightforward. Our client had an added challenge. Some of their employees use a different system to enter time and attestations. that data needed to be interfaced.

I thought about writing up the entire process in detail. But it’s just too much for a blog post. Here are some key lessons learned:

  1. There are many ways to create the pay code edit for the penalty. You can use:
    1. A bonus rule attached to a work rule attached to the pay rule for the employee.
    2. An Attestation workflow
    3. A Boomi Extension.
      Choose one so you don’t get more entries than you expect.
  2. If the meal break pay code is created automatically, you may want to cancel it. You can do this:
    1. With an Attestation workflow. The pay code edit will show as cancelled in the timecard. Users may be confused.
    2. With an API to delete the pay code edit.
  3. Just because the process works on the screen, DOESN’T mean it will work when called via the API.
    We had an issue where the attestation button created a pay code when the button was used from the tile on the user’s home page.
    It didn’t work when the same button was “punched” via API. Support provided additional code to resolve the issue.

You can’t understand an API unless you understand the system. If you want help bridging the API/Application gap, contact us.

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