You want your UKG Pro data in your Data Warehouse. We’ve touched on why we -recommend reports as a service here. You’ll never pull all your UKG data into your data warehouse. It’s too large and too much of it is only important for HR, Benefits and other compliance purposes.

So, what should you put in your data warehouse?

The key starting points are Payroll Detail and Employee Job History.

Building the key reports isn’t hard. But that’s only the beginning.

You should keep the following tips in mind when you work with Payroll History:

  1. Focus on Dollars and Hours that represent compensation.
    You shouldn’t worry about employer paid taxes or other employer contributions. Setup may not be right. And they aren’t within the control of a given employee’s manager.
  2. Tie your data to your general ledger.
    Sometimes pay cycles match accounting periods.
    And sometimes they don’t. When that happens, your payroll numbers and your financial numbers won’t match.
    That’s NOT good.
    You need to understand your payroll accrual process. And create the logic within the database or data warehouse.
  3. Late Job Changes will cause confusion
    Jane was promoted July 1st. But John didn’t enter that until August 1st. So, Jane got paid in her old job for July.
    And received a retroactive true up in August. You’ll need to address these issues. We’ll talk about these and other Employee Job History problems in our next post.
  4. Keep your dates straight.
    You want use the Pgp Period End Date from Payroll History Summer so you can tie to your ledger. There many other dates available but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

In our next post, we’ll talk about challenges with Employee Job History.

Adam Jacobson

Adam is founder and president of Red Three Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience in ERP consulting and BI consulting. Adam has particular expertise in complex accounting and other multi-company and international reporting challenges. Prior to founding Red Three, Adam was a partner in United Systems Consultants where he ran its 30-person Lawson software practice. Outside of work, he serves as board member and treasurer of the Riverdale Y. When not working, he spends his time answering his son’s political questions and cycling, swimming and reading.


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