HR Data Management

An Introduction to HR Master Data Management

Many, many HR data analytics projects don’t work because proper Master Data Management is not in place.

HR Master data management means that key data about every employee, every job code, and every department is consistent in all your systems.

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UKG People Analytics and Reporting

Data Hub vs People Analytics for UKG (Kronos) Dimensions

Recently, UKG has started supporting Dimensions data in People analytics.   Our clients’ experience indicates that DataViews are cool for manager and employee self-service but don’t work well organization wide analysis.  As for the BIRT reporting tool – I’ll invoke the thumper rule.*

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UKG People Analytics and Reporting

Before you train on UKG People Analytics

Before you start training in UKG People Analytics

You know you have a lot of data in your UKG Pro (and now UKG Dimensions) system which you can access with People Analytics.

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UKG Data Integration

Why PowerShell for Data Integration

As there are many specific tools for data integration (Boomi, SSIS, informatica), you we think you should choose PowerShell.  Whether your data source is an Excel spreadsheet, a text file, a Rest APIs, or a software specific reporting tool, PowerShell should be the glue that binds them all together.  There are two reasons we think you should choose this direction.

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Z - Other Posts

Moving Data From Excel to SQL Server with PowerShell (Relatively Painlessly)

Last fall, my attendance at the SQL Summit was entirely justified by a presentation by Aaron Nelson, a SQL Server MVP on Excel, PowerShell and SQL Server.

Unfortunately, I regularly suffer from having Excel as a data source. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t happen.

Logically, no one would buy a SaaS solution without first figuring out how the data in that system would be accessed and combined with all the other data your organization needs.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always logical.

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