UKG People Analytics Quick Tip – Cut Your Columns

Has this happened to you?  You’ve spent time developing a complex query and then fields go missing.   And you wonder why.

I made this mistake several times.  So, it’s worth a blog post.  At the least, it will help me remember not to make the mistake again.

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UKG People Analytics Quick Tip – Parentheses in Formulas

As I’m sure is true for many of you, UKG People Analytics (formerly known as Cognos Business intelligence) is not my first reporting tool.

That’s good – because you understand data and reporting. 

That’s bad – because your learned behavior may mislead you.  And if you’re really like me, you have no hair left to pull out.

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Figuring out the apply date in UKG Kronos Dimensions Datahub

A client has both UKG Pro and UKG Kronos Dimensions.  They want to see punch back up for each pay check.

The challenge is figuring out the apply date.  Which is clearly on the screen but not to be found in the Data Hub Database.    Here is what we did to figure out this key piece of information.

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Data Hub vs People Analytics for UKG (Kronos) Dimensions

Recently, UKG has started supporting Dimensions data in People analytics.   Our clients’ experience indicates that DataViews are cool for manager and employee self-service but don’t work well organization wide analysis.  As for the BIRT reporting tool – I’ll invoke the thumper rule.*

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